Refreshingly Different

For over 45 years we’ve been baking the freshest, most flavorful, best performing tortillas, wraps and chips in all of foodservice. Read on to learn about all the ways in which we do things differently and how partnering with us can help you elevate what you’re doing. 

Food Quality

Our tortillas, wraps and chips are made with all-natural ingredients, and without preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. Our farmers use handpicked, best-quality seeds and grow red and white winter wheat in the high-desert climate of Eastern Idaho. Mollisol, a soil commonly found in Idaho, is one of the most fertile agricultural soils in the world, and is loaded with rich organic materials that’s perfect for growing wheat. Our corn masa comes from Iowa, where a long, warm growing season, along with deep, rich soil makes for the world’s best corn (the state of Iowa produces 16% of the world’s corn!).

Whether we’re baking with wheat flour or corn masa, we mix our dough and bake our tortillas and then immediately capture their fresh baked aroma and flavor using our proprietary freezing process. Freezing fresh tortillas fast means we don’t have to use all that ugly stuff you’ll find on other’s ingredient lists.

Food Safety

We have a long history of excellent performance in food safety audits from accredited auditing bodies and our partners in the foodservice industry. Using an advanced food safety protocol and toolkit, our dedicated FSQA Team is fully certified, has years of experience and has an undeniable passion for delivering food you can serve to your customers with full confidence. Food safety is really important to your customers, it is imperative for your success, and it is foundational for us.

Food Safety and Quality Certifications



Vegan Friendly


Safety Chain

Research & Development

Our R&D team has developed and refined the recipes for our products, each of which has been well-tested over time. We’re also really good at matching your product specifications if you’ve already got a product you and your customers love. And…if you’re not sure exactly what you need, our expert consultants can guide you through the new product development process. We’ll exceed your expectations each step of the way as we collaborate with your team to create the perfect tortilla, wrap or chip for your menu items. 

Manufacturing & Distribution

Purpose built in 2018 and designed for future expansion, our 200,000 square foot, state-of-the-art food manufacturing plant in Caldwell, Idaho is climate controlled, as well as Kosher and Halal certified. With an advanced silo system for flour storage and on-demand delivery, our 10 production lines are highly automated and very efficient. If you need clean-label or non-GMO products, we have the experience, expertise and a certified facility in which we can to make that happen. 

Our order fill rate averages 99.7%, which means you can have confidence that your order will be filled and you’ll have the tortillas, wraps and chips you need when you need them, no matter where you are!

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