Let’s talk tortillas! We offer fresh flour, corn, and corn-flour blend tortillas as well as a variety of specialty tortillas. And, with our tortillas, there are no more tearing tortillas or sticky situations. We use unique and authentic recipes to help you create terrifically tasty and super stuffable menu items that perform really well in the kitchen! With so many different types and sizes we know you’ll be able to
find the perfect match for what you’re making.

Homestyle Flour Tortillas

Our Homestyle Tortillas are made with our time-tested, homegrown recipes. Once all the all-natural ingredients are mixed, we heat press them with state-of-the-art tortilla presses and bake them to perfection. All of our Homestyle Tortillas are soft and really pliable. They don’t crack or tear and they come with our signature fresh baked aroma and flavor. But, what’s really cool is that they don’t have any preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial colors. 

5" Homestyle

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This small, but mighty, 5″ Homestyle Flour Tortilla is the perfect size for
street tacos.


6" Homestyle

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This one is slightly larger, but still mighty and still a pretty good sized Homestyle Tortilla for street tacos.

6.5" Homestyle

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This Homestyle Flour Tortilla is really nice for kid’s menu items like
soft tacos and quesadillas. It’s also a really nice size to help you
achieve a well-balanced
ingredients-to-tortilla ratio.

7" Homestyle

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Now we’re moving into burrito territory, albeit not very big ones, with this 7″ Homestyle Flour Tortilla.

8" Homestyle

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A great option for quesadillas, especially if they are served as part of a meal. And, of course it’s really good for burritos.

10" Homestyle

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This 10″ Homestyle Tortilla is the “regular” size for burritos and quesadillas. It’s our bestseller, by far.

11" Homestyle

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If you want to build burritos that are  just a bit bigger than “regular”, this is the Homestyle Flour Tortilla for you.

12" Homestyle

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Same, but bigger…

13" Homestyle

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And, um…same again. But for really, really big burritos.

Artisan (AKA: Die-Cut) Tortillas

We’re dedicated to the art of creating authentic hand­-stretched style tortillas that are die-cut to match your specifications. They’re thin, flexible, and have a fine dusting of flour across the surface so they don’t stick together. Our Artisan Tortillas are sized consistently and have a wide range of applications for flat, rolled and formed menu items (samosas, anyone?), but no matter how you integrate them into your menu, they’ll always give your customers a perfect crunch from the first bite to the last.

6" Artisan

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Our authentic Artisan Tortilla recipe is pliable and easy to work with and delivers a perfectly fried taquito or other small menu item. 

When fried, there is minimal blistering and oil absorption and they stay crispy long after frying.

8" Artisan

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Exactly the same story as the Artisan Tortilla to your left, but the 8″ tortilla gives you 2 more inches to work with than the 6″ tortilla. (See, that math class really was good for something!)

A handy tortilla for medium sized menu items.  


10" Artisan - Frying

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This one is a bit different: It’s a unique formulation specifically designed to optimize frying performance, resulting in crispier products that provide even longer holding times.

A perfect size for a delicious crispy burrito.

10" Artisan - Rolling

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This 10″ Artisan tortilla is an authentic recipe that delivers a perfectly fried or unfried rolled burrito or chimichanga. It’s formulated specifically to be extra pliable for rolling. 

When fried, there is minimal blistering and minimal oil absorption. These tortillas remain crispy long after they’ve been fried.


12" Artisan

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It’s Taco Salad Time! Our authentic recipe delivers a nicely fried salad bowl or chimichanga.

When fried, there is minimal blistering and minimal oil absorption. No soggy burritos with this one, even if you’ve got customers that eat really slowly!


14" Artisan - Mega

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Everything we’ve already said about our Die-Cut Tortillas, plus: this 14″ Artisan Tortilla is an extra large size tortilla for extra large burritos.



Corn Tortillas

Freshly ground yellow or white corn, along with a hint of lime, make our Corn Tortillas extra delicious. We knead our masa dough into smooth perfection and bake each tortilla until it is lightly toasted. And, not a single one of these tortillas has preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial colors.

Our Corn Tortillas will help you deliver tacos, fajitas, and taquitos that will do more than satisfy your customer’s desire for great flavor and a distinctly crunchable crunch!

6" 6-oz Tri-Flavor

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Our Tri-Flavor Corn Tortillas deliver an authentic corn flavor that can’t be denied. 

The red tortillas have a light chili flavor and the green tortillas have a light jalapeno flavor.


6.5" 7-oz White Blend

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This 6.5″ White Corn Blend Tortilla delivers an authentic and delicious corn flavor with a nice crunch. 


6" 5-oz White Lite

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This 6″ White Lite Corn Tortilla delivers an authentic and delicious corn flavor and a killer crunch. It weighs a bit less and features 
fewer calories.


6" Fresca Yellow

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This 6″ Yellow Corn Tortilla is a classic for hard-shell tacos. 

It makes a sturdy shell for your tastiest tacos and is extra crispy and crunchy. 

6" Fresca White

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Same as the tortilla to your left, but white corn instead of yellow corn!

6" 9-oz Yellow

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A 6″ Yellow Corn Tortilla with just a bit more heft. Stone-ground corn, water and a hint of lime and nothing else. 

Yeah, it’s crispy and crunchy, but
it fries up to make an extra sturdy shell for your tastiest tacos.


We’ve got a couple of really great Specialty Corn Tortillas in our product line-up. First, did you know we make Corn-Flour Blend tortillas? They provide everything you’re looking for in a corn tortilla (like the aroma of fresh corn) as well as some added in-kitchen flexibility, thanks to the wheat flour. 

Then, we’ve got Chili Red and Jalapeno Green flavored tortillas, if you’re looking for a ‘lil kick. 

There are also two really nice options for street tacos and an easy-rolling oblong corn tortilla. Check ’em all out…

5" Corn-Flour Blend

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Our proprietary corn and wheat
flour blend recipe works great for street tacos. 


6" Corn-Flour Blend

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Our proprietary corn and wheat flour blend recipe works great for enchiladas and other fried menu items like taquitos. 


9" Corn-Flour Blend

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Our proprietary corn and wheat flour blend recipe works great for enchiladas and other fried menu items. At 9″, you can easily make
these Corn-Flour Blend tortillas
real plate fillers! 


4.5" White Street Taco

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This 4.5″ White Corn Street Taco Tortilla is exactly the tortilla you need for…wait for it…Street Tacos! They are super-soft and flexible and just the right size to help you fill a tray full
of street tacos made with your
best recipes. 

6" 6-oz Chili Red

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The recipe for our Chili Red Corn Tortillas is simple and authentic. They’re made with just fresh-ground corn, water, a hint of lime and a light chili flavor. 

The rich chili flavor gives tacos and chips a nice kick, without going to far. 

When they hang out with our Jalapeno Green Corn Tortillas and regular Yellow Corn Tortillas things can get pretty festive!

6" 6-oz Jalapeno Green

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The recipe for our Jalapeno Green Corn Tortillas is also simple and authentic. They’re made with the same base ingredients, buy we swap out the Chili flavor for jalapeno. 

The jalapeno flavor gives your menu items a “just right” kick. Obviously the Chili Red, Jalepeno Green and Yellow Corn Tortillas go together really well as hard-shell tacos or tortilla chips. 


If you made it all the way to the bottom of this product page and didn't find what you were looking for, it's OK! We bake more than 100 additional tortilla products, and we're really good at matching specs for existing products or working with you to create your very own recipes so you get exactly what you need! Let us know how we can help you deliver amazing food to your customers by filling out the contact form below...

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