We’ve got fresh. We’ve got flavor. And we’ve got the best products to take your menu items to the next level. For over 45 years we’ve been refining our recipes to create both traditional and modern variations. Not only that, but our products will provide you with superior performance in the kitchen. And, if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for among our core products, we’ll work with you and your team to help you realize all of your customization dreams.


Let’s talk tortillas! Fresca offers fresh flour, corn, and corn-flour blend tortillas that will enhance the flavor of your ingredients. We bake super-soft and pliable Homestyle Flour tortillas and are one of the few manufacturers in North America making Artisan (Die-Cut) Flour Tortillas really well. We use original and authentic recipes to create light, tasty, and stuffable menu masterpieces! With so many different options and sizes we know you’ll be able to find the perfect tortilla for your best recipes.


Our flavored wraps are quite adventurous and come in a variety of flavors, you’ve got some really tasty options! Each flavored wrap we bake is exceptionally soft, pleasantly chewy, and is ready to be perfectly paired with your fresh veggies, flavorful meats, and other special (even secret?) ingredients! 


Dip, crunch, repeat. Our operator friendly, restaurant-style tortilla chips are made with fresh-ground corn masa and come pre-cut so you can fry them to crispy perfection in your restaurant. Your customers will enjoy the fresh, warm and toasty flavor of each and every chip as they crunch away to their heart’s content.

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