Which is fresher?

A tortilla that has never been frozen, but contains so many preservatives that they overwhelm the product, a tortilla that is driven on a truck through the day’s heat and cold, losing moisture, flavor and pliability, a tortilla that is formulated to last for months and months on the dry shelf… or:

A tortilla baked with few or no preservatives, frozen in a unique process within minutes of baking, capturing the peak aroma, taste and flavor until use. Brought to room temperature, an opened bag emits a fresh-­baked aroma and is soft and pliable.

Over our 40­-plus year history, Fresca has married science and the art of baking to make the perfect tortilla. Our freezing process captures all of our hard work, resulting in kitchen-­ready tortillas.

We invite you to request samples and let us help you compare Fresca tortillas to whatever you are currently using.

Ingredient Fresca Competitor M Competitor D
Calcium Propionate × ×
Fumaric Acid × ×
Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate ×
Cellulose Gume ×
Calcium Carbonate ×
Mono & Diglycerides ×
Potassium Sorbate ×
Sodium Metabisulfite ×
Bleached Flour × ×

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