It all started in 1977 when a Mexican­-themed restaurant owner located in Boise, Idaho was frustrated by the lack of availability of a high quality tortilla to use in his restaurants. In true entrepreneurial spirit, he decided that if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself, so he rounded up the best equipment, ingredients and people he could find and began manufacturing tortillas out of a small warehouse. The tortillas that came off the production line were just too good to keep to himself and thus, Fresca Mexican Foods was born.

The initial team expanded to include a dedicated handful of Boise natives, most of whom you will still find at the core of the Fresca Team today. Over time, demand for these authentic tortillas grew, and Fresca expanded six times to its current 82,000­ square foot state­-of-­the-­art facility, employing over 150 dedicated people.

Remarkably, Fresca’s initial crop of customers have remained intensely loyal, the result of our steadfast commitment to quality, personalized service and fair prices. Additionally, our customer base continues to expand to the point where our products can now be found throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and South Africa. While our customers have grown and their needs have changed, we too have proven to be nimble and flexible, changing with the times by upgrading to state-­of-­the­-art equipment and adding product features such as Non-­GMO, no preservatives, zero trans­fat and flavored wraps.

Notwithstanding the demands of today’s complex business environment, what truly differentiates Fresca is our unyielding commitment to the company’s enduring core values:

  • Quality people and product
  • Dedication, hard work, and dependability
  • Integrity: be honest and be direct
  • Performance, results, and accountability
  • Respect and diversity for people and product
  • Healthy and safe work environment
  • Passion and pride in Fresca

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