Are you non-GMO?

Our line of clean label products for both retail and foodservice are Non-GMO Project verified.Non GMO Project logo

How long is the shelf life of Fresca’s tortillas?

1 year frozen

How do I slack out the tortillas?

For best results, slack tortillas in refrigeration. Fresca tortillas are best used right away, but can be stored under refrigeration for up to 7 days. It is best to slack only what you expect to use in the next 24 hours.

Any handling tips for homestyle tortillas?

Make sure that the tortillas are completely defrosted before attempting to separate. For best results, flex the bag back and forth in a wave pattern to allow airing between the tortillas.

How do I slack out corn tortillas?

Turn the case over before slacking and slack under refrigeration for best results.

What are your ingredients in your corn tortillas? Do you have gums and preservatives?

No, our corn tortillas have only two ingredients: corn and water (with a hint of lime). That is why our customers tell us they are the most authentic corn tortillas and chips in the industry.

Can I microwave the tortillas?

It is not recommended but if necessary, warm for 15 seconds and check the tortillas.

How are your homestyle tortillas so pliable? What do you put in them?

It’s not what we put in them that makes them so pliable, it’s what we don’t. We don’t add all of the artificial preservatives and chemicals needed in shelf stable products. We freeze them minutes after we bake them to capture all of the natural flavor and moisture.

Are you kosher?

Yes, all our products are kosher and halal.

Do you make a clean label tortilla?

Nearly 45 years ago, Fresca pioneered the industry’s first clean label tortilla for food service using a proprietary freezing process to maintain freshness. Today, Fresca has developed a “Whole Foods” approved clean label product for both retail and foodservice.

Where can I buy your amazing tortillas?

We have a network of over 60 distributors throughout the US and Canada. Click here to contact our sales team for more information.

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